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The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. 32 nations from around the globe compete to get their hands on the most important trophy in the Soccer world. If you are a seasonal or sports blogger, this is going to be your opportunity to cover this amazing event and get some recognition for your work in the process. Even if you are not into this sport, it never hurts to cover these events to get some practice and learn how to cover these events like a pro.

The easiest way to start your World Cup coverage is by reporting the news and providing your own analysis of the teams involved in the game. The trouble is, every other newbie is probably doing the same thing. Only those who are willing to go the extra mile can stand out in this field. With that said, here are 10 ways to start a killer World Cup blog:

  • Add Unique Photos: people come to your blog to read your analysis and find out more about their favorite team. If you have the means to travel to South Africa to cover this event, you probably should. Don’t forget your camera if you are going there. Your very own unique photos from the event can help your blog get better recognition in the blogosphere.
  • Provide Video Commentary: capturing your very own videos from the event and posting them to your blog and YouTube can get you lots of traffic. Besides, we are talking about a major event here. Text blogging won’t be enough.
  • Nail Down Your Own Interviews: going back to the previous point, if you happen to be persistent enough, you may get an interview and two with some of the players or people involved in the event. It never hurts to add those to your blog posts.
  • Share Your Experiences: if you have traveled to South Africa, you have probably had your tough trip moments (finding places to stay, best places to get food, …). Sharing those tips and the mistakes that you may have made can only add value to your blog.
  • Encourage Fan Participation: Soccer fans tend to be very passionate about their teams. We are talking about national teams here. Use that to your advantage to get more fans involved on your blog.
  • Take Advantage of Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks are great places to reach out to new fans and draw them to your blog. So don’t forget to make your blog as social media friendly as possible.
  • Host Creative Contests: fans love being involved in poster and other types of contests. As long as the prize is right, you can get a lot of action on your blog with these types of competitions.
  • Reward Best Predictions: every Soccer fan wants to prove to others that he/she knows more than everyone else. That’s why prediction contests are so popular. Put up a significant prize for a fan who gets the most results right. These contests can go viral fast.
  • Throw Giveaways: contests can be helpful, but there is no reason you shouldn’t give small things away on your blog. That gives your readers more chances to win things. Soccer shirts or local items would make great prizes here. Great way to add more Twitter and Facebook friends.
  • Meet Up with other fans: one of the best ways to create unique content for your blog is by meeting up with other fans and capturing those special moments for your readers. You are not going to be the only blogger traveling to South Africa. So you can always get together with other bloggers for online chats and other activities.

There you have it. 10 simple tips that can take your World Cup blog to the next level. What are your suggestions?

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